First Jesuits Reprise

…The name for this blog was chosen to debunk a popular myth among conspiratologists; the claim by the marrano judaix PM of England, D’Israeli in Conigsby that the ‘first Jesuits were Jews’.

…The below names betray only one –the 1/2 jew Fr Laynez.   Not that it would matter if ALL  the ‘first Jesuits’ were of judaix racial hereitage as long as they were not marranos( false christians). Over the past 2 millenia there have been many thousands of  true conversos among Judaix  and we thank God for those.  Because one is of judaix heritage does not in itself constitute being a marrano. False converts among El Moro were referred to as moriscos.

…It is true that Fr Laynez is the second General of the Company of Jesus( original name) and St Ignatius is also close to Fr Polanco– his Secretary,  but the latter is not among the first group of 7 .  There has never been any evidence what so ever that either  were anything but true conversos. It is most unfortunate  that Fr Polanco’s nephew does turn out to be a marrano.


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