The Real Galileo

April 18, 2009


…Most have heard the allegation of how at one time the Catholic Church would torture, imprison or burn anyone alleging  Earth revolves around the Sun. Giordano Bruno and Galileo are most often cited as examples of this. The truth is that  Bruno was executed as an unrepentant, obstinate heretic wholly apart from any sympathy with Copernicus. As for Galileo, it is the purpose of this work to shatter the mistaken conception most have of his relationship with The Catholic Church.  This relativity is in two areas– astronomy( although Galileo is saying nothing new) and physics, which is the main occupation of his life( tower of Pisa etc). Einstien refers to Galileo as the father of modern physics.

…In breaking these conceptions, the actions of the Church will be shown to be above reproach. Galileo runs afoul of INQ on two seperate occaisions–1616 and 1633. He is censored both times in astronomical terms but this will be shown to be only symbolic in 1633. The first indictment is for demanding that Copernicanism be accepted as a Dogmatic Article of Faith

…What exactly IS ‘Copernicanism’? Osiander’s( he and Kepler are the two main Protestants who accept Earth revolves around the Sun and also the Gregorian Calendar) intro to the original De Revolutionibus describes the  astronomical doctrine. These three parts are all given equal consideration by INQ.

1–Earth revolves around the Sun

2–Sun and not Earth is therefore fixed(stationary)

3–Sun and not Earth is therefore the center of the ‘World'( term used at that time to mean Universe)– upsetting the Biblical story of Earth at the center.

This had been the theory of Copernicus  previously in his book of 1543 so the doctrine had been around for at least 73 years before 1616. De Revolutionibus was not placed on the Index of Forbidden Books prior to the  machinations of Galileo. This condemnation is gradually lifted in 1758 and finally in 1835. Copernicus himself had been employed by the Church in the ongoing process of the re-organisation of the Calendar as early as 1520 and the idea that Earth revolves around the Sun is an essential part of his Pruthenic Tables, the reckonings of which  are used in the Gregorian Calendar of 1582– this is still in use  today as we draw near to 2012. Aside from the Pope it is the name of the Jesuit Clavius who is most associated with the re-organisation.

…Copernicus had doubts about his own theory. This is why De Revolutionibus was not published in his lifetime. These doubts were correct as science has now shown the Sun to be in motion– it is flying through space( and not around the Earth) at about 40,000 mph. Therefore Galileo’s 2nd ‘dogmatic article of faith’– the ancient Pythagorean idea of a fixed Sun– has been shown to be erronious. It should be self-evident to the reader at this time that  the third DAF of the lunatic  Galileo, the Sun being the center of the Universe is  also mistaken( although there are cults today who do believe this). The state of scientific knowledge at the time did not allow for a conception that Earth and Sun are BOTH in motion. It is this controversy that  leads to the conception of the Solar system being realised in the early 18th Century.

…Cardinal Bellarmine agreed that  Copernicus spoke hypothetically, which is correct as there was no scientific proof of anything at the time. It is Newton’s theory of Gravity along with James Bradley in 1725 that proves Earth around Sun. The later experiment of Focault’s Pendulum proves that  Earth rotates on an axis.

…Galileo was not speaking hypothetically and this is what caused INQ to take notice.  He would refer to those who disagreed with him as idiots and the like: his manner was abraisive and he was a know it all.  As far as other astronomical observations, he was incorrect about ellipses, comets and tides while deserving credit for the moons of Jupiter and sunspots which show the Sun to be rotating on an axis.

…The way INQ deals with the idea that the Earth may not be the physical center of the World(Universe) is to settle on the idea of an A-Centric as opposed to a geo or helio-centric conception.  In other words, the Earth is the center of the Universe in a spiritual sense which is not necessarily respective of its physical location.

…All this means that science can be reconciled with Scripture and the Tradition( Deposit of Faith) of Holy Church– to say otherwise is heretical. Without any specific  verse saying the Sun revolves around Earth, there is no law forbidding an interpretation of the Bible that says Earth revolves around the Sun. Otherwise the Gregorian Calendar would have to be denied. It is the fixed Sun in the center of the Universe that are the problems with Copernicanism– not Earth moving around the Sun. It is amusing that Luther, Calvin, Bacon, King James et al believed the Sun to revolve around Earth– so much for Sola Scriptura.

Was the belligerant attack on the Church by Galileo the act of a provacateur? According to von Pastor, some suspected him of attacking Rome  as an agent of Paolo Sarpi( the Italian Luther).

…The Sun being in motion while not going around Earth raises the question of where it may be going. Is the Sun in turn revolving around another larger star?– some say Alcyone in a 26,000 yr cycle. The precession cycle of the Earth’s axis is also 26 k Yrs. 

…Some researchers think there may be a Photonic Band enveloping the Alcyonic system which our Solar system slams into every 13,000 yrs or so for a period of 1080 yrs( Prada thinks 2160)— ===

…David Icke has a chapter somewhere on the Photonic Band and it’s possible relationship with Dec 21, 2012. In it he says Earth may physically strike the PB at that time. He has backed off of that recently and now thinks the event may just be a general spiritual awakening.


…After a closer look then, it is found that no original thinking of Galileo is on trial in 1616 as the dispute is over the pre-existing doctrine of Copernicanism. What is the  controversy over Galileo later?  Why is he in even more trouble with INQ in 1633? A pretext is made that the Imprimateur for the Dialogues of 1632 was obtained fraudulently, but as the decision on Copernicanism had already been rendered it is likely that something more serious had motivated the Holy Office by 1633; it is the contents of Galileo’s Assayer( Il Saggiatore), published in 1623.

…The source of what follows is the work of Pietro Redondi(non-Catholic)– Galileo Heretic,  published by Einstien’s Princeton Univ and translated by the anti-Catholic judaix  Raymond Rosenthal. Catholics will not agree  with at least a few conclusions reached in the book , but it does seem to be an accurate historical account of the events which lead to 1633.

…As cited previously, Galileo was primarily a physicist, not an astronomer. The great majority of his achievements come in this area. In the Assayer it is evident that Galileo holds the same atomic materialist physical theories as Moschus,  Pythagoras, Epicurus and Einstien. Pythagoras believed everything could be explained by a physical quantity– hence the term Quantum Physics. This theory is of course at odds with the Qualitative Physics of Aristotle which has been reconciled to the Roman Church by St Thomas.

…Urban VIII wrote the intro to Il Saggiatore apparently without understanding the nature of it’s contents;  he was quite well known for being a liberal Pope. It is the physical views held in the Assayer that motivates Spain’s  Cardinal Borgia to confront the Pope and bring him to his senses. Galileo’s quantum, atomist theories amount to an attack on the Doctrine Of The Real Presence in the Eucharist.

…From Fr Parsons Some Lies And Errors Of History pg 86

” To such a Tribunal a denunciation was made that Galileo or his deciples had asserted  God is an accident and not a substance– a personal being; that miracles are not miracles at all. Then the Pontiff declared that for the termination of the scandal, Galileo should be cited and admonished by the Sacred Congregation.”

…An attack on the Eucharist using atomist physical theories is nothing new as this was used by Wycliff, Luther, Calvin etc. This is what the ‘Reformation’ was all about. The Real Galileo has been found.


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First Jesuits Reprise

April 6, 2009

…The name for this blog was chosen to debunk a popular myth among conspiratologists; the claim by the marrano judaix PM of England, D’Israeli in Conigsby that the ‘first Jesuits were Jews’.

…The below names betray only one –the 1/2 jew Fr Laynez.   Not that it would matter if ALL  the ‘first Jesuits’ were of judaix racial hereitage as long as they were not marranos( false christians). Over the past 2 millenia there have been many thousands of  true conversos among Judaix  and we thank God for those.  Because one is of judaix heritage does not in itself constitute being a marrano. False converts among El Moro were referred to as moriscos.

…It is true that Fr Laynez is the second General of the Company of Jesus( original name) and St Ignatius is also close to Fr Polanco– his Secretary,  but the latter is not among the first group of 7 .  There has never been any evidence what so ever that either  were anything but true conversos. It is most unfortunate  that Fr Polanco’s nephew does turn out to be a marrano.

Names Of The First Jesuits

April 6, 2009

1-St Ignatius Loyola

2-Fr Laynez

3- St Francis Xavier

4-Fr Boabadilla

5-Fr Rodriguiz

6- Fr Salmeron

7-Fr Favre